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Friday, January 24, 2014


I have been working with Maison Blanche Antique Furniture Paint for many months.  I have worked with chalk paint for a few years.  By no means am I an expert.  
I have simply been working with it for a while.

So when I teach a workshop I always second guess myself - 
should I have told them this instead?  
should I show them this?

I have taught a few workshops, two this week, and I finally had an ah-ha moment.

My goal for each workshop is to give people the confidence to try.

In yesterdays class, they kept asking about different colors.  Instead of sticking to my plan, we played.  We busted out nearly half of the 36 colors and played around.  We layered, we placed similar colors next to each other, we distressed, we wiped off - we played.

Then the wax stage came and we just tried it all.
Clear, light brown, dark brown and the new lime wax.  Each one gave a different look, we made colors deeper, richer and in some cases beachy. 

I found combinations that I loved.  I branched out too.  I learned.

I have enjoyed every one of the workshops I have taught.  I have learned from the people attending the class and from their creativity as well.

When a gal was leaving yesterday, she said, "I would recommend this to anyone".  
I saw her have an ah-ha moment during the class.  
It was then that she realized she could transform her furniture.  She could paint her patio set, her bookcase, perhaps the vanity...

She left with the confidence to try.

Mission accomplished!

Have a great weekend.  
Come visit me today & tomorrow 11-4!


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Suzanne Vincent said...

Well done! Instilling confidence in those around us is a very lofty goal and you did it!!

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