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Monday, January 13, 2014

Painting the Bathroom

Happy Monday!

Wow did that weekend go fast!  Perhaps it was the short week leading up to the weekend that made it feel so quick - who knows, bottom line, it's Monday again.

We stayed busy with projects.  Projects in the store and a few around the house.

Yes, we always have a project!

Before our pipes burst last week, Hubby painted the master bathroom.  It has been on our punch list since we moved in, but has never been a priority.

Paint is such an affordable and easy way to make a big impact.

Our bathroom was a funky green color and the trim was a dated pickled pink.  
I think they were going for a modern, beach vibe.

Hubby taped off and began painting the trim.

He removed the doors and painted both sides.  Then he attacked the walls.

So much better already!

As you can see the tub is still disassembled.  The insulation folks come today, so I hope to take complete photos when we are put back together.

The trim is a creamy white (custom blend) in a satin finish.
Walls are Grey Owl in a flat finish.  
This is my favorite grey.  
Our bedroom and the shop are painted in this as well.

I'm excited to share the shoppe updates as well.  I've been a busy gal.

Hubby did the bathroom, I cannot take any credit.  I am not allowed to paint walls.  I do not have the ability to paint a straight line or the focus to tape off.  We have learned the hard way and I have accepted my shortcomings.

Have a wonderful Monday!

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Suzanne Dyck said...

Great job to your husband, Shannon! I admit it's really hard to paint a straight line but I think you just need more practice. Hehe! Anyway, I like your bathroom better in the funky green color. Why did you change it? Good luck on your renovation projects! :)

Suzanne @ CentraPro Painters

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