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Monday, January 6, 2014

Broken Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Like many of you, I have made resolutions.

As of January 4, I broke most of them!

First, I committed to run a 5K.  
Mind you I haven't ran since 10th grade.  So the first order of business was to shop.

On January 1, Hubby and I bundled up, grabbed a dog and started out on my first ever trek. 
Honestly, my goal was to get to the mailbox.  I hit my goal and then some!  I even felt pretty good.

But then the storms rolled in and I haven't laced up those uber expensive sneakers since.

Next goal is to talk less like a sailor and more like a lady.

Unfortunately, the Buckeyes played on Friday, January 3, in a heart racing football game.  I am certain they could hear me in Miami and my foul language hit an all time high.

Lastly, I have resurrected my 2005-2013 Goal of being organized.

We had friends over for dinner on Saturday (Jan 4) and I quickly shoved, stacked and "hid" my crap in convenient spaces around the house.  
I may just leave the stuff where it is until I need it.  No photo of my secret hiding spots!

However, since Getting Organized appears on many peoples Resolutions List, I must share a link
20 Ways to Get Organized from The Shabby Creek Cottage.  Maybe one of them will stick for you!

Hope you're doing better with your resolutions!  I will make some adjustments and see if I can salvage 2014!

Stay Warm,

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