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Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Trunk

The girls are back in school!  
I had daughter #2 home sick on Monday and then snow days Tuesday and Wednesday.  
It was starting to feel like Christmas break.

I had to flee yesterday, so I opened the shoppe.  

I brought in a few items, prepared for our Pinterest Party today and spent lots of 
time scrubbing the floors.  Ugh!
They are so pretty when they are clean. 
 Should I ask customers to remove their shoes?  
I'm kidding, but it crossed my mind.

On to this beauty...
This amazing trunk is my latest obsession addition. 

I love the stamps, markings and the history these trunks have.
It would be an ideal place to store blankets, toys, etc.
And of course, makes the perfect coffee table.
I'm excited for our Pinterest Party today!  
Watch for photos on FB as we complete our monogrammed wreaths.

Store is open today - Saturday 11-4!



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