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Thursday, December 5, 2013

To Invent...

 When I saw this quote, I took it to heart. 
While I have lots of piles of junk, I felt compelled to hunt for more treasures.  There's no fun in shopping in your own garage/barn.

This baby came home with me.  I thought I had a vision, but now I am debating.  
I am totally open to color ideas!

 This is so ugly, it hurts to look at for too long. 
But she has great lines, was professional upholstered, albeit a few decades ago,
 so the french chair had to come home with me. 
I started a makeover with a little paint.
 She is looking better already.  Now for the fabric...I will get to that eventually.
Lastly, I picked up two of these babies.  They vary a bit, but have the same color and style.  My goal was to use one of these in my kitchen and top it with granite.  We lugged them home to realize that it doesn't fit.  Major bummer.
I am thinking of using one in the shoppe and selling the other.  But no major overhaul in the shoppe until the Holiday season is over.

So, just to wrap up this little post, I used my imagination for each purchase but it didn't quite work out.  Now I am left with a bigger pile of junk.

Open today 12-7, would love to see you!



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Unknown said...

cool stuff and quite frankly, I love the chair just the way it is!!

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