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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree

Our tradition is to decorate for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Not November 1, not any day prior to turkey day.  Period.

In our last home, we had 20 foot ceilings, so we had a live 19.5 foot.  We would bundle up, trek out with a saw and cut one of those huge trees.  Securing it to my car and driving 30 minutes home was always a treat.  Then one of our fabulous neighbors would help us get it in the house.

After 8 years, we had it down to a science.  Just in time to move.

This is our second year with a regular 8 foot tree.  The process is the same, just a bit easier and not as eventful.

I love the white lights and the monochromatic ornaments, but that is just not us.  Our tree is filled with handmade kids treasures, collected ornaments from every trip we have taken, beginning before we were married and gifts we have received.

Our tree tells our story.

The girls usually jockey for position, so their ornaments are front and center.
Our trip to Dubai in 2005.  It was pretty hard to find a Christmas ornament in that city!

It's looking a lot like Christmas in the house.  I hope to have the rest of the house put together this week and then I will bust out my good camera and share.

Hope you're enjoying the season.



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