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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Merry Memories

Hello All!

I'm popping in on this last day of 2013 to thank you for your support, encouragement and inspiration! We accomplished A LOT in 2013!

As everyone collects their favorite projects, top before & afters and establishes their goals for 2014, I figured I would jump in as well.  I am putting several posts together and will be eager to share.  I've enjoyed looking back and remembering.

I love that we can focus on the positives and accomplishments.  During this time of year, everyone is their merriest.  I had a wonderful time with family over the holidays but I also took some time to remember those I have lost.  It was a very hard year.  There was too much loss in our lives and it was apparent during the holidays.

Back in March, Hubby and I went to San Antonio.  Our trip was rearranged last minute and it took us through Minneapolis where my brother lives.  Thankfully I spent time with him and a cherished family member.  We lost Mark a week later.  Mark brought a lot of laughter to our lives and has been with us since I was 15.

October brought more sadness.  A dear friend lost her dad in a sudden and tragic way.  While Hubby and I attended the services in Michigan, I was left with a sad and helpless feeling I could not convey or get rid of.  My heart aches for her and her loss.

While we were mourning and trying to understand what happened, I received the call I had been dreading.  My long time and very close friend had ended his life.  I can't even discuss this without fighting tears.  He was the dad of my Godsons and husband of my BFF.  Their life will forever be changed by his action.

Now, with all that said, I am not one to dwell on hardships or sadness, especially in a public manner.  But it was important for me to recognize our loss when looking back on 2013.  It's quite easy to share projects and funny stories, but real life occurs and this is my platform for all things happening.

I am eager to welcome 2014.  We have fun and ambitious goals.  This is the time when you feel anything & everything is possible!

Cheers to a great year!


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Unknown said...

I am so sorry Shannon. You had a very emotional year, lots of ups and downs. But you're one strong lady, that is for sure! Let's pray that 2014 will be filled with much more ups than downs!

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