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Friday, December 20, 2013

A Restyled Dressing Table

I love restyling furniture.  It's a great feeling when you step back and realize you have given new life to a discarded piece.  When you are able to see beyond the ugly and then make that happen.

Another great experience is when you breathe new life into a sentimental treasure.  We did that earlier this week, when a little girl received her restyled Grandmother's desk.

That just might be the HOT Christmas gift this year, because we delivered another treasure.
Another young lady will receive her Grandmother's dressing table for her gift.

This dressing table was well loved in its prior life.
What you do not see are the stickers we peeled off, the holes we filled or the silver oil paint that was covering it.
This photo shows that all removed and sanded down.
 Here's dog #1 photo bombing the picture.  I love that my doggies hang out with me while I paint!
 Two coats of Maison Blanche White paint and she is starting to come to life!
I have a collection of stools that have accumulated in my barn.  Hubby recovered this one in a white, patterned fabric and it matches beautifully.

The legs of the stool were already distressed, so I left them to give it a bit more pop than the white on white on white!
Here she is with glass hardware.

I picture this young lady getting ready for many special events at her Grandma's restyled dressing table.

Have a great weekend.
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