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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Merry Memories

Hello All!

I'm popping in on this last day of 2013 to thank you for your support, encouragement and inspiration! We accomplished A LOT in 2013!

As everyone collects their favorite projects, top before & afters and establishes their goals for 2014, I figured I would jump in as well.  I am putting several posts together and will be eager to share.  I've enjoyed looking back and remembering.

I love that we can focus on the positives and accomplishments.  During this time of year, everyone is their merriest.  I had a wonderful time with family over the holidays but I also took some time to remember those I have lost.  It was a very hard year.  There was too much loss in our lives and it was apparent during the holidays.

Back in March, Hubby and I went to San Antonio.  Our trip was rearranged last minute and it took us through Minneapolis where my brother lives.  Thankfully I spent time with him and a cherished family member.  We lost Mark a week later.  Mark brought a lot of laughter to our lives and has been with us since I was 15.

October brought more sadness.  A dear friend lost her dad in a sudden and tragic way.  While Hubby and I attended the services in Michigan, I was left with a sad and helpless feeling I could not convey or get rid of.  My heart aches for her and her loss.

While we were mourning and trying to understand what happened, I received the call I had been dreading.  My long time and very close friend had ended his life.  I can't even discuss this without fighting tears.  He was the dad of my Godsons and husband of my BFF.  Their life will forever be changed by his action.

Now, with all that said, I am not one to dwell on hardships or sadness, especially in a public manner.  But it was important for me to recognize our loss when looking back on 2013.  It's quite easy to share projects and funny stories, but real life occurs and this is my platform for all things happening.

I am eager to welcome 2014.  We have fun and ambitious goals.  This is the time when you feel anything & everything is possible!

Cheers to a great year!


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Shop Hours

We hope Everyone enjoyed the Christmas holiday!  
What a special time to spend with family and friends and dogs too.

Many of you, like us, are keeping the holiday celebrations going through the end of the year.  

Here is our shop schedule:

Thursday (today)  Closed
Friday, December 27  11:30 - 3:00
Friday, January 3  11:00 - 4:00   CLEARANCE SALE
Saturday, January 4  11:00 - 4:00   CLEARANCE SALE

Come grab your Maison Blanche paint and supplies to get those projects started!

You will not want to miss the clearance sale.  Epic is a good way to describe it!

Happy Holidays!



Friday, December 20, 2013

A Restyled Dressing Table

I love restyling furniture.  It's a great feeling when you step back and realize you have given new life to a discarded piece.  When you are able to see beyond the ugly and then make that happen.

Another great experience is when you breathe new life into a sentimental treasure.  We did that earlier this week, when a little girl received her restyled Grandmother's desk.

That just might be the HOT Christmas gift this year, because we delivered another treasure.
Another young lady will receive her Grandmother's dressing table for her gift.

This dressing table was well loved in its prior life.
What you do not see are the stickers we peeled off, the holes we filled or the silver oil paint that was covering it.
This photo shows that all removed and sanded down.
 Here's dog #1 photo bombing the picture.  I love that my doggies hang out with me while I paint!
 Two coats of Maison Blanche White paint and she is starting to come to life!
I have a collection of stools that have accumulated in my barn.  Hubby recovered this one in a white, patterned fabric and it matches beautifully.

The legs of the stool were already distressed, so I left them to give it a bit more pop than the white on white on white!
Here she is with glass hardware.

I picture this young lady getting ready for many special events at her Grandma's restyled dressing table.

Have a great weekend.
We are open Today & Tomorrow 11:00 - 5:00. 
Be sure to get your paint before we are closed for a bit!


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Where do you Paint?

Yesterday I shared the restyled desk that was given to a little girl for Christmas. 
When I was restyling it, the temperature was crazy, crazy cold.

Cold & freezing are not good for painting.  Awful for waxing too.

So in the midst of the holiday season, with all our decorations and the tree, I moved my little operation inside.  Yep, I took over the family room.

Huge benefit to using Maison Blanche Furniture Paint - no odor!

Can you spy that cute doggie lounging on the sofa, watching Kathie Lee & Hoda?

Thank goodness I was able to move inside, or we would not have finished this baby.

I'm at the shoppe today 12:00 - 7:00 for all your last minute gifts, 
ugly sweaters, decor, ornaments - lots of goodies!

Have a great day!


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Restyled Desk

The crunch is on to get those presents purchased and wrapped.   
In this case, purchased and painted.

A lady wanted to surprise her young daughter with a new desk and chair for Christmas.  She had the desk from her grandmother and wanted it restyled.
The desk was in great shape, just needed some love.

The desk was painted with Maison Blanche Debutante (pale pink).

 The drawers were restyled with Maison Blanche Pastille (light lavender).

 Together they look so sweet and perfect for a little girly girl.

The chair matches the drawers.

Very light distressing on the edges, complete this cutie.  

What a perfect gift - sentimental and stylish.

I loved doing this project!  I enjoyed branching out and trying new colors and making it oh so girly!

The shoppe is open Today thru Saturday!  We have lots of gifts and entertaining pieces.

All Christmas is 30% off and 10% off almost everything else!

That certainly makes it worth a trip!  Open today 11-5.  I would love to see you!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Putting the Merry in the Season

In this season of crazy, I had a refreshing shopping experience.
I'm sure anyone that has shopped at Nordstrom will concur - the service is outstanding.  
Saturday evening with a packed store, the nice gentleman in the coveted shoe department put the Merry in my season.

My well loved and well worn Hunter boots (3 years old) had a crack in the shaft.  I went to ask what I should Hunter, cough up another $140, suck it up...

The nice man asked my size and presented me with a new pair.  I slipped off my muddy, cracked boots, handed them over and sported a fresh new pair.

Simple.  No questions, no hassle, nothing unpleasant what so ever.

To top off my experience, while Daughter #2 and I were inhaling our bread pudding, this gentleman came into the restaurant and presented me with a receipt.

Merry Christmas to me!

While in the store, I noticed a new line that Nordstrom is carrying for the season.  
Get this - it's in our shoppe too!

Aren't these the cutest?
They are box signs and make a perfect gift.  They will be in the shoppe tomorrow.  Which is a good thing since Nordstrom was just about out.  
I promise to give you the Nordstrom service when you come in!

Since the pillows sold out with this darling saying, I ordered the charms:
These are perfect stocking stuffers and/or friend gifts.  $6 for the charm and $2 for the chain.

Wishing you a Merry day!



Monday, December 16, 2013

Keeping it Fun!

The Ugly Sweaters have been flying out of the store!  
Mostly for Ugly Sweater parties, but our first customers had a different thought.

Tell me that is not the best Christmas card!

This is such a fun and beautiful family.  What a great photo!

Keeping the fun in the holiday season!


Friday, December 13, 2013

Gifts in the Shoppe

Tis the Season to be busy!
We all like to stay busy, don't we?
Whether it's shopping, wrapping, parties, work, decorating, volunteering, traveling - whatever keeps you busy these days, it seems to be all consuming.  

This was a busy week - orchestra and choir concerts, Maison Blanche shipment, restocking and restyling the shoppe, shipping gifts and getting the Christmas cards mailed.  

Only some of the cards hit the mail.  Why? 
Because for the first time ever, I did not order enough. 
 Who does that?  
Usually I have piles sitting around in February and now I am over 30 short.  Ugh!

For the time being, I am focused on the shoppe.  Come have a look around.

Lots of ornaments and sweet little gift items.

I am loving these red, child's boots.

Everything is better with glitter, right?

A few charms remain and are perfect for stocking stuffers at $6 ea or $8 with the chain.

Home decor and gifts are sprinkled throughout the shoppe.

This darling bench made it's debut.  Perfect for the end of a bed, mudroom or as a dining bench.

So sweet.

The shoppe is open today 11-5
Saturday 10-6

We have complimentary coffee, tea, hot cocoa and gift bags 
to make your busy schedule a little more sane.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters are restocked!

Maison Blanche paint, wax and finishing products are fully stocked.  
Come and get your goodies!



Thursday, December 12, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree

Our tradition is to decorate for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Not November 1, not any day prior to turkey day.  Period.

In our last home, we had 20 foot ceilings, so we had a live 19.5 foot.  We would bundle up, trek out with a saw and cut one of those huge trees.  Securing it to my car and driving 30 minutes home was always a treat.  Then one of our fabulous neighbors would help us get it in the house.

After 8 years, we had it down to a science.  Just in time to move.

This is our second year with a regular 8 foot tree.  The process is the same, just a bit easier and not as eventful.

I love the white lights and the monochromatic ornaments, but that is just not us.  Our tree is filled with handmade kids treasures, collected ornaments from every trip we have taken, beginning before we were married and gifts we have received.

Our tree tells our story.

The girls usually jockey for position, so their ornaments are front and center.
Our trip to Dubai in 2005.  It was pretty hard to find a Christmas ornament in that city!

It's looking a lot like Christmas in the house.  I hope to have the rest of the house put together this week and then I will bust out my good camera and share.

Hope you're enjoying the season.



Wednesday, December 11, 2013


While I am not ready to talk about the football game on Saturday night, I can share how I kept my nervous energy in check.

The previous week I stayed busy making signs.
This sign sold, but I will be making a few more.

So this week, I stayed busy crafting with paper.
 Using an old dictionary, straight pins and a wreath form, I transformed these into fun decor.
I love the old books because the edges of each page are naturally aged.  It gives them more dimension and interest.

 I used an old book for this one, it is a lighter color and will look 
good displayed next to the other in the store.  
Wouldn't these be great for a teacher?  
Perfect for January when the Christmas wreaths come down.

The good news is I stayed busy during the painful loss on Saturday night.  Of course, the bad news is my mojo did not help the team get it done on the field.  Wonder what I will do come January 3 to keep my nervous energy in check.  Hmmm

Anyway, we are open today 11-5.  Come see our new goodies and handmade fun!