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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lots of Happenings

Well I missed yesterday.  I just couldn't get it together.  We spent Monday spreading some holiday cheer throughout the shoppe.  It's becoming so festive!

But then I needed to squeeze 6 chairs and 2 6ft folding tables into one of our rooms for our first Maison Blanche Antique Furniture paint class!  It quickly became festive in a different, more creative way!

So the dilemma became what to share first - holiday, paint class, new furnishings, exciting new colors, the custom projects I completed and delivered.  Hmmm.

Perhaps I should share our big garage clean up, our unexpected and delightful visit from out of town friends or the loss of one of our beloved chickens.

Maybe I should have talked about the weather.

When we woke up yesterday, we were greeted by this beautiful scene.

The snow just kissed all the trees and made it beautiful.

I could also dedicate another post to the talented Kathy of Kathy's Kreations.  She will be at the shoppe for Ladies Night tomorrow (5:00-7:00) with her unique, handmade gifts.
$35 for a one of a kind clutch!  Kathy also creates custom subway artwork - the perfect gift!

Now do you understand why I could not choose a topic to post yesterday?  

Tomorrow I will share a before & after that rocks.  Be sure to check back.

Have a great day!


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