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Friday, November 8, 2013

Before the Holidays

We are getting ready to kick off the holiday season in the shoppe.  
It's a bit early for my standards and a bit late for retailers, but it's happening!  When we open next Wednesday, our shoppe will be ready for the season.

In preparation, lots of craziness goes on behind the scenes.  I have been painting like a madwoman, so I could get furniture in the shoppe before we load up on holiday goodies.

If you come to the shoppe this week, this is what you'll find.

 I gathered all the white furnishings in to one area.  All the pieces together would make a beautiful bedroom set.  I didn't even realize it before now.

 The red table and the mirror are both finished with dark wax.  Delicious!
 The little green stand is fabulous.  I scooped it up and left the patina just as found.  It's unbelievable.
Jewelry, charms, silver and silver-plate, Ironstone and found items are gathered in this area.  
You're sure to find a gem!

Of course you can't overlook this cherished find.  Just fabulous.  What a statement she makes.

Next week, I will be sharing pictures of our shoppe all dressed for the holidays!

Open Today & Tomorrow 11-5.
Stop in to see me!



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