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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

This & That

Hello All,

We are still recovering from our whirlwind weekend.  I still may need an extra day to get back to normal.

I decided to take it easy yesterday and complete some overdue tasks.  

Remember this beauty?  Pottery Barn sofa table was redone in black.  It has arrived at its new home.

This beautiful wardrobe is for a young girl.  I spent the beautiful day de-stinking it!
Now she awaits paint.

This darling armoire is in its new home too.  Perfect linen cabinet for our customer.

I'm slowly making a dent in this pile.

It's overwhelming.  Between my buying at the show and other sources, picking up massive pieces and Hubby closing up the lake and bringing every treasure home - I am on overload.

Looking for something?
Chances are I got it!



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