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Monday, October 28, 2013

Stopping In Y'all

Hi Y'all,

I'm back from Texas with a southern drawl.  The more I go to that state, the more I love it!  People are nice, talk sweet, eat an insane amount of fried stuff and have the coolest boots.

I had a 12 hour travel day yesterday, so I am not ready to share all my new techniques, products and knowledge.  Trust me, you will see furniture painting in a whole new way.  Yep, it was that good!

We enjoyed lots of southern comfort food at this famous joint.  I am still full 2 days later.

I know you can't see this photo, but I had to dine at an In Out burger joint.  We don't have one (only in AZ, CA, TX) and I have watched too many celebrities rave about it.  It has a cult following and on the internet there are secret codes so you can order your burger the way you want.  After all that, it was pretty good, but not worthy of the hype.

When we weren't stuffing our faces, we were hard at work.  I learned so many techniques, worked with products I have never tried and created masterpieces that had to be shipped back to me.

For those of you just joining us, I flew to Maison Blanche in Texas on Thursday.  We are proud to carry this product in our stores and will be offering classes in the coming weeks.

We were taught for 2 days by the founder of Maison Blanche.  She shared the background of the company, the products, the paint and wax and so much more.  As distributors we were not allowed to offer some products until we were trained.  Now I understand and am in love.

Here is just a taste of some styles.  I can't wait to share details later this week!

Have a great Monday Y'All!

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