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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Show Time

I am happy to say, I am typing while sitting on my comfy couch.  It feels so good to sit.

We set up our little space yesterday.  Suzanne is a life saver!  She has set up with me at all 3 shows and knows it as well as I do.  She is a tremendous help and we have a good time doing it all!

So you know when you host a dinner party?  And right before the event you panic because you don't think there's enough food?

That same trepidation applies to the show.  I cut my space in half from past shows. 

I committed to bringing smaller items vs. the large and cumbersome pieces as in previous shows.

Hubby reminded me that I had a plan and I need to stick to it!  My plan is to appeal to many with easy to grab, smaller items.  This is our look so far.

 The corbels are amazing!

 I am in love with the chairs I scored.
 Oars, chalkboards, letters, birdcages, fans.
 Same space, only someone else is going in behind me.  Taking 1/2 the space!

We loaded a few pieces of furniture - rustic and useful.  And we filled it in with smalls, jewelry, ceiling tiles, matching side tables, chairs, stools, fans and so much more!  Chalkboards are back in stock too!

We will bring some more goodies on Friday morning and finish up the space.

If you plan to go, remember it is only 1 day this time.  It is the largest show yet!


Don't forget, tonight is Vendor Night!  We welcome Carrie's Sugar Buzz!

Shoppe is open:
Today 12-7
Friday 11-5
Saturday 11-5

I'm signing off for the weekend and will be on FB with updates.
Have a great weekend!



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