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Monday, October 7, 2013

Post Show Wrap Up

Hello All,

We are still in recovery mode from a wonderful show on Friday.  

A big thank you to Facebook friends, blog followers and loyal shoppers that came to The Rural Society Show and stopped over to visit and shop.  That is the highlight of the show for us!

Suzanne and I had a plan, but as usual my ADD kicked in and all plans were aborted.  We just had fun.

We rearranged as things found new homes, we adjusted as needed and we shopped when able.

My van came home full.  Partly with items that did not sell and the rest was filled with new goodies.

Though Lisa and I had gotten used to this lady, she is living with someone else.

I am often overcome with the work involved with doing a show.  I swear this will be my last show, I can't do it, blah-blah.  Then show day arrives and customers stop and people chat and I visit with other dealer friends and suddenly things fall back into place.

A Facebook friend came to the show with a gift for me.  Gioni made this cutie just for me.
How sweet is that?

After receiving this, all the stress was gone and we had a fabulous day!  We are reminded in simple ways that we touch other people. 

Thank you to everyone for making the show a success and for supporting us!  
By doing so, you allow us to do what we love!



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Janet- OPEN MARKET STYLE said...

Sorry I missed the show !!
Glad you had a great day , weather was wonderful !!!!

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