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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Crushing on Red

Every once in a while, I spy a piece of furniture and immediately know the color I will use to restyle it.

Not often, but when I do, there is no debate, no hesitation - I just proceed.

Even when she was covered with filler, I knew this baby would come back to life again.

In the perfect shade of red.

Of course when I use red, I must use my favorite dark wax.  It really gives it depth and tones down the color.

I brightened this photo up, so you could see all the detail on the 6 legs.  Delicious!

She will land in the store today and is available for purchase.

I have 35 other new colors to play with!  Hopefully, I find perfect pieces for each.

Stop in today, 11-5, I would love to see you!



Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

The dark wax gives the red such beautiful depth - really pretty!

Unknown said...

LOVED visiting yesterday! Can't wait to try my new paint!!

Linda said...

Beautiful! Which shade of the dark wax do you use with the red paint?

Bobs Furniture said...
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Bobs Furniture said...

All your wonderful stuff !!! Such a great concept with a huge impact! I love it! I saw your post and went out and bought myself a piece of furniture to paint. I can’t wait!

Bob's Discount Furniture | Bobs Furniture

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