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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Workshop Details!

Wow, you folks are as excited as I am about Maison Blanche Paint!  Love that!

Let me attempt to answer all questions that I received.


I have all 36 colors available in quarts.  A quart will allow you to finish multiple projects with no prep.  Retail price is $38.95.  


We currently have clear, dark and light brown wax in stock.  These retail for $31.95 and will last you a long time!  Rough estimate is 4 quarts of paint to one can of wax.  
You DO NOT need clear wax before dark wax.


We are eager to offer an online store and plan to have it in place in January.  Until then, we will gladly ship to you and work through paypal.

Color Charts:

Hand painted color charts are available for purchase in the shoppe.  Color copies are available for free, also in the shoppe.  We will post the complete color chart on our blog and Facebook.


We will offer at least 2 workshops every month.  Since the paint is so new to many of you, we will start with an introduction class.  This class is being offered at a discount for 
November and December and is $65.  We will limit the class size, for hands on instruction!

During the workshop you will learn about Maison Blanche no-prep paint and finishes.  You will complete a small project and leave with the skills to do your projects at home.  All supplies are included and you should dress to paint! 

The schedule is below and we have added additional dates/times.

November Workshops:
Saturday, November 9  4-7
Tuesday, November 12   10-1
Tuesday, November 19   11-2

December Workshops:

Tuesday, December 3  10-1
Tuesday, December 10 10-1
Tuesday, December 10  5:30-8:30

Additional workshops will be introduced in January.  This will take your painting to a whole new level!

When you sign up for a workshop, we will collect payment to reserve your spot.  Should you have to cancel within 48 hours of the class, you can apply your payment to another class.

You can sign up via 

email: or in the shoppe, or by calling (614) 402-4103.

Thank you for your interest.  You will love working with Maison Blanche!

Enjoy your Halloween!

We will be open 11-4 today!

All HALLOWEEN items are 50% off!


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Paint Classes

Yesterday I managed (after lots of frustration), to get this newsletter out to the shoppe email list.  Rather than recreate it or add more drama to my life, I just decided to copy and paste.

Some of you may be receiving this again, forgive me.  For those of you who are eager to learn how to restyle your furniture and/or cabinets, frames - really anything you can imagine, then this is news for you!

I'm fresh from Texas where I learned so many techniques, my head is spinning.  I want to share this wonderful line with all of you!  We are offering two classes in November and two in December.  This will get you started, you will complete a project and have the skills to tackle home projects.

Hope you will join us!

Vintage Restyled & More
Maison Blanche Furniture Paint is Here!
We are thrilled to announce that Maison Blanche Antique Furniture Paint is available exclusively at Vintage Restyled & More.  This no prep paint will change the way you redo your furniture.  
It will also encourage you to start painting furniture!
The complete paint line and finishing products are now in stock!
Exciting Events, Workshops & Products 
will be in the shoppe all season long!
Be sure to stop in:  
 15 W Main St. New Albany, OH 43054
Wednesday 11-5  
Thursday 12-7  * Ladies Night 5-7
Friday & Saturday 11-5
Sign Up!
Introductory workshops are scheduled for November.  Each workshop will introduce you to the Maison Blanche Antique Furniture Paint and Finishing Products.  You will complete a project and learn several techniques.  See what all the hype is about!  All supplies will be provided.  Call (614) 402-4103 or email to reserve your spot.  Space is limited.
Tuesday, November 12 or November 19 10:00 - 1:00.
This email was sent to by  
Vintage Restyled | 15 W Main St. | FB: vintagerestyledandmore | New Albany | OH | 43054

Have a great Wednesday.  We are open today from 11-5, stop in and see the paint line along with many new goodies!


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Reclaimed Barn Wood Floors

A few weeks ago, I shared that we were looking at new floors for our family room.

We considered brick to replace the worn carpet.

We loved the look, however, we were concerned that it would be too cold for the living room.

Hubby found a local place that specializes in reclaimed barn wood.  We went to their warehouse/work place and ordered on the spot.  We were in love with their work and their passion.

I conveniently scheduled the work to be done this past weekend, as we were all scheduled to be out of town.  Because daughter #2 still cannot play soccer (broken ankle), we did not go to the out of town tourney.  
I lucked out and went to Texas and missed all the rearranging, dust and sleeping in the den that the family endured.

It was worth it!


The cleaners come today to help scrub down the mess that was made.  We worked like dogs last night to put stuff back in order.

I'm thinking it's time for a new sofa.  As with everything in life, one thing leads to another! 

Have a great day!


Monday, October 28, 2013

Stopping In Y'all

Hi Y'all,

I'm back from Texas with a southern drawl.  The more I go to that state, the more I love it!  People are nice, talk sweet, eat an insane amount of fried stuff and have the coolest boots.

I had a 12 hour travel day yesterday, so I am not ready to share all my new techniques, products and knowledge.  Trust me, you will see furniture painting in a whole new way.  Yep, it was that good!

We enjoyed lots of southern comfort food at this famous joint.  I am still full 2 days later.

I know you can't see this photo, but I had to dine at an In Out burger joint.  We don't have one (only in AZ, CA, TX) and I have watched too many celebrities rave about it.  It has a cult following and on the internet there are secret codes so you can order your burger the way you want.  After all that, it was pretty good, but not worthy of the hype.

When we weren't stuffing our faces, we were hard at work.  I learned so many techniques, worked with products I have never tried and created masterpieces that had to be shipped back to me.

For those of you just joining us, I flew to Maison Blanche in Texas on Thursday.  We are proud to carry this product in our stores and will be offering classes in the coming weeks.

We were taught for 2 days by the founder of Maison Blanche.  She shared the background of the company, the products, the paint and wax and so much more.  As distributors we were not allowed to offer some products until we were trained.  Now I understand and am in love.

Here is just a taste of some styles.  I can't wait to share details later this week!

Have a great Monday Y'All!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Charms for You

More goodies are in the shoppe.

 I absolutely love this one!  I can certainly think of many people who could receive this charm.

These are great as charms or could easily be made into other gifts.  One gal made a bookmark from the charm.

Great for birthdays, thank you's, thinking of you...lots of options.

In the shoppe now!

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Around the Shoppe

I was busy yesterday at the shoppe.  Both with great customers and restyling.
It started off with a simple move of one piece of furniture, which lead to another, then some found new homes, which lead to a complete overhaul.

I like changing things up, it keeps it fresh and fun.  Here's a look at the shoppe.

The dresser and mirror are taupe-y more than grey as I have described it in the past.  
Dovetailed drawers and a secret compartment make this a beauty.

The columns are fabulous and have round bases, so they are stable.  Would look great in any room.

The Ethan Allen set will be painted when I return.  Despite it being in great shape, I am ready for a change.  It can be custom finished to your specs!

This is the other side of the front room.  Since I took this photo last night at 4:45, the side tables have found a new home.

The red beauty found her spot.

The middle room is filled with Maison Blanche paint and waxes.  More treasures are sprinkled throughout.

This vanity is so girly in a soft white.  

Remaining Halloween items are 25% off!  Lots of found and new items to choose from.

In addition to all these changes in the shoppe, we are going to welcome 
31 Gifts tonight for Vendor Night!  
Lori is a National Leader with the company and always does an amazing job.  
If you can't make the event tonight, you are able to order online here.

Stop in the shoppe today, open 12-7.  31 Gifts 5-7.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Crushing on Red

Every once in a while, I spy a piece of furniture and immediately know the color I will use to restyle it.

Not often, but when I do, there is no debate, no hesitation - I just proceed.

Even when she was covered with filler, I knew this baby would come back to life again.

In the perfect shade of red.

Of course when I use red, I must use my favorite dark wax.  It really gives it depth and tones down the color.

I brightened this photo up, so you could see all the detail on the 6 legs.  Delicious!

She will land in the store today and is available for purchase.

I have 35 other new colors to play with!  Hopefully, I find perfect pieces for each.

Stop in today, 11-5, I would love to see you!


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Vendor Night - 31 Gifts

We are excited to announce our vendor night this Thursday!

31 Gifts is a locally owned company with useful, fun products that everyone must have!

Our host is a successful leader who will share the latest products, patterns and ideas for gift-giving and organizing your on-the-go lifestyle.

This Thursday our shoppe is open 12-7 and 31 Gifts will be in the shoppe from 5-7.

Hope you'll join us!



Monday, October 21, 2013

Small Changes in the House

Happy Monday!

Welcome to the start of a busy week here at casa Gabor.

We have no school again today, so I plan to spend the day playing with my girls.  No work.

I'm off to Texas to Maison Blanche for training, learning and fun!  Yeah!

Soccer season ends this week!  Ahhh!

We made a decision and will have our new floors installed this week.  Whoot - whoot!

Since the floors will be installed, not by us - I must add, we have been making minor changes to the area.  Simple things with big impact.

We decided to keep this table.  We love the detail and the size, so it's now in our eating area.

Then I felt the need to change the seating around as well.

I picked up this lovely tufted bench at HomeGoods for a steal.  It's comfy, the right shade and seats two people perfectly.

Slowly the changes are coming together.  I am hopeful the new floors will have a large impact on our family room.  I am certain more changes will occur after that.  It's a never ending process!

Have a great day!