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Monday, September 9, 2013

Restyled Shoppe

Hi Friends!
Hope you guys had a great weekend.  Ours was relaxed for a change, thanks to no soccer tournament.  However, the shoppe was anything but relaxed on Saturday.  It was a bit chaotic to be frank.

Great customers were the highlight of the day.  They shopped amid the craziness that occurred when a chalkboard pulled from the wall, smashed on the floor and hit a desk on the way down.
We have plaster walls and they are a bear for displays!

No one was injured and it happened before I opened.  But the aftermath took all day to reorganize.  I even called in the back up team (Hubby and my girls).

Here's the result of many hours.

Awesome sign letters.  Priced individually: A R T U available.

This beauty is new to the shoppe.  Finished in black, lightly distressed - she's a gem.

 The middle room was designated as a painting studio.  It is being restyled to showcase more goodies!

Hot out of the studio!  Loving how this turned out.  

Fall colors have arrived.

Lots more to share.  But one thing is for sure - the shoppe has been restyled!

Fall Hours:
Wednesday 11-5
Thursday 12-7
Friday 11-5
Saturday 11-5

Plan a visit to see all the new goodies.



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Unknown said...

that's exactly what I'm still doing at 9:30 PM! Looks great, thanks for the inspiration on my internet break!

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