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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Little Green

Hello There!

I am gone again on a picking adventure.  This one is short, but hopefully will yield big results.  
I must admit, prepping for a show with a shoppe is a bit more work than when I had the booths.  
But it will all be worth it...right?

Anticipating the amount of work, I have cut my show space in half this year.  The show is also one day only, so I am hopeful that we sell everything and simply get in our car at the end of the day!  I am actually laughing as I type this - but it could happen.

Because of the changes, I am focusing on smaller items.  Smaller furniture that is easy to handle.

I scored this cutie a while ago.

 Shiny and very orange.

So I busted out one of the sample pots I received, since I am trying out many different paint lines.
 This feels very rustic - the green is fabulous!

A little antique wax to tone down the green and protect the finish.

It's the perfect little night stand, could be used in a pantry, kitchen or even with a desk.

I think I am ready for fall, because this color is very cozy.

Hope to share some scores with you soon!


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Unknown said...

It seems like green i fashion statement now a days.Every body running for green even the tables are now colored green.

Finn Felton

Kopi Luwak

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