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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our Barn

We are celebrating our first year in our farmhouse!  Yesterday I shared some projects that we accomplished on the inside, but we bought this home for the land and the barns.  

Our big barn is 120+ years old and is a work of art.  The square head nails, the hand cut logs, and just the size of the timbers, is amazing.

I cannot do it justice in photos, but I tried.

See the yellow rope?
That was the only safety rail.  So we installed a railing made from reclaimed barn wood.

 That's a long drop down!
New railings.

See the straight ladder?  That was the only way to get to the loft.
We had stairs installed.  We placed them in one of the 6 horse stalls and had them made from reclaimed wood.

Now we can use the loft.

My kids head back to school Monday, so I am going to enjoy the last few days of laziness with no schedule.  I'll be on FB and pop in at the end of the week.
Til then...




Unknown said...

How amazing Shannon - how absolutely amazing!!!

Unknown said...


Janet- OPEN MARKET STYLE said...

Great barn !!!!!!

Maureen said...

Oh wow - that is fabulous!

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