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Friday, August 30, 2013

The End

I cannot believe this is my last post in August.  It seems the holiday season is quickly upon us.  Trust me, I am not rushing it.  Fall is my favorite season of all.  Cool temps, boots, bon fires and college football - perfection.

We have also started to sprinkle fall throughout the shoppe - much more arriving soon.  Here's a little glimpse inside.

While Lisa and I didn't plan it, we seem to favor the muted tones of fall.

The darling clutch adds the perfect touch of fall.

If you prefer the bigger bags, this green is scrumptious.

Ready to decorate? These fall fillers are precious.  Dried and colored, they complete any display.

This isn't really fall, but I wanted to share some wall accents that are in the shoppe!

While we are welcoming fall at the shoppe,  I will be sweating it out at two soccer tournaments this weekend.  I'm looking forward to traveling with one daughter!

If you have been around this blog, you know when I travel for sports I seize the opportunity to "pick".  
I am frantically building inventory for the store and the show (October 4).  Because I will be in some rural areas, I will not post until late next week.

Be sure to check back and follow on FB.  We have exciting announcements, events and changes happening in September!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Vintage Restyled & More
Open 11-4
Today & Tomorrow



Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Score

Yesterday, I shared my love for the hunt.  The thrill of searching for treasures and uncovering gems.

But sometimes treasures find me.

My mother in law scored this gem for me.  She even delivered!

This beauty has a travel stamp dated 1920's.  We know it to be older than that!

It is perfect as is.  It has been used, loved and served a purpose.

Now it's time to repurpose table, night stand, many options!

I am so fortunate to have creative pickers supporting me.



Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Possibilities

There are many steps in the process of placing an item in the shoppe.  Many of which are far from glamorous.  In fact, I am hard pressed to find clothing that does NOT have paint splatters. 

Anyway, besides painting furniture, one of my favorite steps is finding the treasures. 

I get to see unique pieces, uncover unknown gems and learn the stories behind many of them.

I meet very interesting people.  (Sorry no photos of strange people)

Sometimes I get to see beyond the obvious.

Other times, I hit the jackpot.

When I hog picking, it gets the creative juices going.  Oh the possibilities!

Getting ready for a big picking trip.  Cross fingers that I hit the jackpot!

I will be at the shoppe today 11-4.  I will be getting my craft on.  Stop in, I'd love to see you!


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Two is Better than One

Welcome to another week and the final one in August.  Yes, I am aware it's Tuesday, but sometimes life happens that way!

We spent the second weekend in a row at a soccer tourney.  We are nursing our sunburns and minor injuries and preparing for the week ahead.  It will be a busy one, as we navigate our school routine.

We had a great week at the shoppe.  Many treasures found homes and now we need to replenish.  So I spent Monday gathering items and restyling a few others.

Here is my latest furniture makeover.

I scored this pair a few weeks back.  I almost passed on them but then I remembered my rule - almost always buy pairs.  Having a pair gives you so many more options.

Boring brown end tables received a makeover in grey, finished with my new favorite antique wax.  I will be sharing all about that soon too.

The right one has the wax applied.

I have completed both with the antique wax, lined the drawers and am loving the shabby look.  They will be in the shoppe when we open on Wednesday.

Since there is a pair, I'm thinking these would make cute night stands.

Have a great week!


Friday, August 23, 2013

Shoppe Update

Hello All!
We made it through the first week of school!  We are a bit crabby and oh so tired, but all is well in the middle school.

With school in session, I decided to get busy in the shoppe.  I moved things, brought more in, sold some and just was in need of a change!

WARNING: Photo overload!  Have a look...

Open Today & Tomorrow 11-4
15 W Main St., New Albany, OH 43054

We are gathering our fall bounty and will be adding soon.

I'm excited to share our fun fall specials, events and news.
But you have to wait just a bit longer!

Have a fabulous weekend!


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Restyled China Cabinet

I am so excited to share another restyle today!  More excited than usual.  
There are many new things in the works, and this is just the beginning!

More on that later.

Getting right to the restyle.  When we opened the shoppe, I placed an unfinished china cabinet in the store.  We wanted to let people know that they could pick the finish and have it custom painted.  

It's a nice size piece - not overwhelming like some china cabinets can be.  It's classic.

We moved it around, but I could not look at an unfinished piece for too long, so it landed in my garage.

I'm happy to report that she is back in the shoppe with a new look.

All gussied up in a black finish with an antique wax.

Some distressing, because that's how I roll.

After I posted the painted portion on FB, I received an overwhelming request to attack the inside.

The paint is a custom mix of light blues and greens.  The back has gold and silver hues and coordinating blues and greens.  It's much more subtle than this photo shows.

After we delivered her and put the shelves in place, Hubby said," Good job."  
He has seen many, many projects and for him to comment says a lot!  
The fact that he didn't have to do anything could be the reason for the comment!

Here she is again.

She has earned her spot in the shoppe!

I am there today 11:00-4:00.
Stop by, I'd love to show her off and visit with you!