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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Unique Treasures


Over the weekend I went to the cottage.  Of course when I travel there, I must stop along the way, visit my favorite pickers and fill my van with treasures.

Here is a quick look at some items I spied.

 These two are working electric fireplaces, the cases are handmade and darling.  I considered one for the shoppe for the winter months.  Wouldn't it look great for the holiday season?

 This vanity is just darling!  She is begging for a restyle!  

 This wardrobe was the reason for our trip.  It is for a gal and will receive a custom makeover.

What is it?

I saw this huge piece and was immediately smitten.  I kept looking at it because I couldn't quite figure it out.  The seller was telling me he believed it was from the late 1700's.  What!

Know what it is?

Here's the back.

It did not come home with me.  I do not think it could, even if I wanted it.

But truth be told, I have no use for a Murphy Bed!  Yep, that beauty is a bed!

The shoppe is getting an overhaul today!  Can't wait to share!



Unknown said...

What an amazing piece of furniture - I had no idea Murphy beds were that old!!!
Love the fireplaces too - especially the first one!

Janet- OPEN MARKET STYLE said...

Great finds !!!!

aliuod said...

Can you find me a wardrobe like that? Thanks!,

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