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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Train Wreck

I am a train wreck.

I am woken up to the cable man at our front door.  He must reset our dvr and run a new line.  Next, our water system is acting up, so I enter the Apple Store unshowered. Looking hot.  I pull out an iPad, mini iPad and my phone.  The people at the same table as me are laughing at my issues.  Oh and do I have issues.

When I left, several hours later, both ipads were reset and my phone was announced dead.

Have you really taken the time to realize how tied to our phones we are?  I'm completely lost.

My only option is to buy a new phone.  Without an upgrade, the prices are crazy.

But really what choice do I have?

You probably popped in to see some goodies from my trip.  You did not come here to read about my technology mishaps.  Well, I only have a few photos of miscellaneous goodies.

 This great wood sofa table needs a color.  Black?  Perhaps white?

 Printer cabinet, 100+ years old.  Doubt I will do anything to her, she's beautiful.

This is an old, old cabinet.  She will be cleaned and I will try many methods to get the years of stink out of her.  Other than that, the chippy paint is authentic and I will present her as is.  Kitchen island?

I am in the shoppe tomorrow 11:00-4:00.  Come on by for some other gems!  
If I am lucky enough to have a phone, I will share pics on FB.

Have a great Tuesday!

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