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Monday, July 8, 2013

Back with a Beauty

Hello Friends!
I'm glad to be home and am ready to catch up with world events, local news and of course my general life.  
We had a wonderful week away spent with dear, dear friends from NY.  It's so fabulous to see a second generation friendship develop.  I've known Joe and Robin for 40 years - Joey and I went to nursery school together!  
We both have two daughters and these 4 played for four days straight!  They loved each other.
It's a good thing because the adults adore each other!

If you've been around this blog for a while, you know that I go picking every place I travel.
This vacation was no exception.
In fact, it may be some of the best scores yet!

Tell me this authentic farmhouse desk is not the best! 

It comes in three pieces, made of walnut with a shabby paint job (as found).  It features great pulls and the nicest yellow finish on the inside of the glass.  It was pulled from a Chicago home.
I would redesign my kitchen around this piece.  I wish I could work this into my farmhouse.

Since that's not happening, it will be in the store as soon as I clean it up and beg Hubby for some assistance.

Lastly, on vacation I apparently did not unplug as much as planned.  Divine intervention occurred and my iphone is DEAD.  Yep, just DEAD.  I have no texts, no phone, no contacts, no photos...nada.
I will do my best to get posts pulled together this week, but first things first - trip to the Apple Store.

Happy Monday All, I'm glad to be back!



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