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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Progress at the Shoppe

My head is spinning.  It's probably a combination of waking at 6:00 am to drive to long course swim practice at Denison University (22 miles away), caffeine overload and the count down to the opening.


But, we are making progress!

This weekend while we were away the painter worked his magic on the inside of the joint.  A few coats of Grey Owl and it looks crisp and inviting.

Hubby removed the screens and cleaned the outside of the windows.  It may sound insignificant, but what a difference!  Then we scraped all the stickers off the windows - there was at least 1 on every window.  You'll be pleased to know the blinds have gone to a better place.

We proceeded to clean the hardwood floors on our hands and knees (first for everything!).  Again, well worth the effort.

Then we styled the two front windows to add some excitement for the passers.

I know this may not sound like too much, however, I won't share the details of the sign saga, the city permits, the broken a/c, the accountant (my savior), the exterior condition or the details of filling the shoppe.

After another meeting with the city, I am off on a picking trip!

Stay tuned, as we continue to get ready for opening day!

Have a great weekend!




Beth Host said...

Very exciting!!

Unknown said...

woot woot! looks so cute!!

Cathy said...

can't wait :)

Anonymous said...

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