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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Come on in the Shoppe!

We are in recovery, restocking mode today.  So, until I have some new projects complete and ready to share, I thought I would overload you with pictures from Saturday's opening.

My 11 year old was the photographer, and she did a fine job, but there is no rhyme or reason to the photos.

The main room, as you enter from the parking lot.

 Look at all the fun jewelry!  Gifts or treats for yourself, so much fun!
 We have a middle room that we had planned to keep closed off.  It will be where I paint, but we decided to open it up on Saturday and show some unfinished items and smalls.  Once I start painting, we may have to keep this locked - I am not a neat creator!

 This is the room you see from the street.

As I type this, I know I am heading there to remove the sold pieces and restock.  It will look different when we open on Wednesday at 11:00!



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Maureen said...

It's so cute! Glad to hear that you sold some big pieces.

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