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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Village

Today is Hubby's Birthday!  As a present, I am not asking him to do any lifting, moving or fixing of any furniture!  I am such a good wife!

He did the bulk of the heavy lifting for the show.  He puts in a lot of time preparing for the event, yet never gets any credit.  I am putting it in writing and thus making it official, that I am super thankful and promise to buy wicker furniture whenever possible!

Suzanne could not work the show this time because she was running the 1/2 marathon!  How awesome is that?  She was fabulous and helped me set it up in advance.  She also came to the show on Friday, with her mom, who came up from Tennessee.  Great support!

Then there's Kimm.  You know Kimm, from Reinvented!  She worked like a dog.  She was up early, stayed late, talked with customers, shared her knowledge of paint and all things vintage.  She did everything and enjoyed it!  We had fun!

My mother-in-law shined the silver.  I've gotten used to tarnished items probably out of laziness.  But when she shined a few trays and the urn, I decided to keep them, they were just beautiful!

CA also did some behind the scenes work.  She designed and printed the entry forms for the raffle.  A huge help, since my computer skills are lacking.

Really folks, it takes a village to do a show.  Saying thank you seems so inadequate.  I am grateful for great friends, customers and support!  And a kick-ass husband!

Enjoy the day!



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Unknown said...

Thank you for having me, I had a great time!

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