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Monday, April 8, 2013

Thrifty Finds

Hope you all enjoyed a taste of spring this weekend.  Perhaps you read my post on Friday - how I was channeling spring throughout my house and booth.  Well, it arrived.  The irony is I was out of town on Saturday, only 11/2 outside of Columbus, and it was cold and rainy.   Columbus was lovely.   Just my luck!

But, I cannot wallow about the weather.  I must celebrate my wonderful finds.  Yep, I got up bright and early and went junkin' until the soccer game started.  Sat through the first game of the season, then went pickin' the whole way home.  It was delightful.

Armed with coffee, a thermos of more coffee and creamer in case I needed to stop for more coffee, some cash, and I was off and running.  Have a look...

That's our three car garage.  Notice the cars?  Clearly, there's no room for either car.  Can you hear Hubby freakin?

This photo was taken of my car at night.  Yes, I have a crib in there.  No, it will not be used for a baby. But it will be restyled and used.

Now I must stay home and start fixing, painting and creating.  I will be busy.

If you haven't heard, we have a show quickly approaching.

Hope you'll join us, this show is really fantastic.

I must sign off and grab a paint brush.

Enjoy your Monday!



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