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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Let The Music Play

Hi All,
I had hoped to post this yesterday but silly me didn't hit publish.

I have been on the hunt for all sorts of goodies for the show.  One resource I use is Craigslist (CL).  I have had great experiences both buying and selling and meet some cool people.  Usually, I have a good story after every transaction as well.

Anyway, I arranged to buy this dresser.

Sorry folks, that's the best before shot that I have.  Perhaps you can see the horizontal lines.  Unfortunately, this dresser was bad.  Really, really bad.  There are creases all over the whole piece.  The gal just painted right over it.  Problem: paint does not cover up the creases!

I didn't have the heart to walk out of the ladies home, so I bought it.

Hubby was not pleased when he saw it.

Now people, we have salvaged some really mistreated items, but this one was different.  It was a hot mess.

So, I got creative.

I added some stain.

It's a bit out there from my usual finished pieces, but I am now really liking it.  It's grown on me.  
Have I lost my mind?  The Mod Podge went to my head?

Actually, I am liking the new look and shaking it up a bit!

The drawers have been fixed and slide easily, a coat of poly was applied on top of the Mod Podge, so it's durable.  It's a sturdy, well made dresser.

I hope a music lover needs storage!

I also have some exciting news...

A GIVEAWAY is coming tomorrow!  
It is the first from this company and I guarantee you will love what you see!

Check back in the morning.  It will be live at 7:00 AM!




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Your dresser turned out darling !!

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