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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Getting My Paint On

Wow - summer has arrived!  That's right, we topped 80 degrees yesterday!  Crazy!  
Thanks Spring for spending a day with us, we are on to summer and are ready to hit the pool!

I did not hit the pool, instead I busted out the spray paint, the paint brushes, chalkboard creations and anything I could get my hands on.  The sunshine and temps made it an ubber productive day!

I felt the need to pop a sign in the yard letting people know that it was NOT a garage sale.  Thankfully, no one stopped.

Despite all that I have accomplished, I still have some uglies looking for beautification!  I hit the pause button on these.  I cannot finalize a color for them. 
Have a look...

This old (1920's is our thought) cabinet is darling.  I debated selling it as is, but consensus said - paint!

The detail is unbelievable.  I even have a spot for this in my home, but that usually doesn't workout and it appears in the booth or the sale.

Originally, I saw this set in a spring yellow.  But it may head to The Rural Society Show as is.

I think this dressing table/desk needs two colors - one on the inside (hidden when closed) and one for the chair and outside.  Hmmm, can't decide.

Feel free to send me your color choices on FB or via email 

I will be back with an after yet this week!

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!



Janet- OPEN MARKET STYLE said...

Okay Shannon can you bottle some of your energy
I have been in SLUMP as you can tell by my booth
redoing it today but have no vision :(
All you pieces look great you are going to have a great show !!!!!

Beth H said...

The drawers on the desk look like bats! I saw it last night on FB and did not see it but just now did. Very cool!
Janet - your booth always looks fabulous! I want to clear C96 out so bad and start fresh. May come in next week and mark everything down!! I have not been to the mall in days....not sure what my booths look like! lol

Anonymous said...

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