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Friday, April 5, 2013

Channeling Spring

According to the calendar, spring has been around for a few weeks.  According to me, the temperatures have been anything but spring-like.  In order to bring it on and warm it up in Central Ohio, I am channeling spring throughout my home.

misc 117

Maybe if I spell it out, it will come.

misc 120misc 121

This is what it looked like the other day.

Smoke mettaliacs 006

misc 122

This fabric has made me very happy.

misc 123

My mantel got a quick dose of spring.  I know it needs more love, but I just had to change out the wintery mix.  I’ll get back to it soon.

spring 006spring 007

The window is just awesome.  It has the old, wavy glass and the best aqua patina.  It brightens up the room.  The good news is I kept one for The Rural Show, so you can snag one too. 

I will be bringing spring to Heritage Square Antique Mall today.  That darling yellow bench will be making its debut, much to my disappointment.  It just makes me happy!

So there you have it folks.  When the temperatures rise and spring arrives, you can thank me.

Have a great weekend!



Unknown said...

Happy Spring! It's supposed to be gorgeous this weekend!!! YAY!!

Suzanne Vincent said...

I have the same scrabble letters set up on my buffet - it looks like it will finally work this weekend in good old Cbus!

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