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Monday, February 25, 2013

TV Junkie

I have a love for television.  I start my day with the news and I fall asleep to it every night.
Yet, I am not a couch potato- I swear!

It is my way of zoning out for a bit each night.  I know, I should not have time to watch tv, but I do make the time thanks to my dvr - I watch most shows in 45 minutes.  Here's my line up:


The Good Wife


Deception - I'm holding on but it better pick up the pace!


Pretty Little Liars - yes, I watch this teen drama!


The Americans - just started watching this and am loving it.  What can I say, I'm an 80's gal!

This might be my fav!

I jumped on the Downton Abbey bus over Christmas break.  I watched the first season on Netflix.  Then I subscribed to Hulu+ to catch the second season.  Of course, the third season just finished last week and I watched it week-to-week.  It is worth all the buzz!  But...if you are jumping on board, DO NOT read anything online - there are big spoilers out there.

So what prompted this post?
Nothing was on last night due to the Academy Awards.  I lose interest after seeing the outfits.  Thankfully, I had many shows from last week saved on dvr.

Am I missing any good shows?

Have a great day!



Unknown said...

no reality TV? i gotta have my Bachelor and American Idol and Real Housewives!!

Christy said...

Now you are talking my language! The big network miss I see here is The Following. It has Kevin Bacon, and it is AWESOME. Then of course the entire Bravo lineup and ALSO you have neglected HBO and Showtime. Homeland is the greatest show ever (except for The Wire). You HAVE to watch it. And Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire are all must Netflixes as well.

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