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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Shopping Trip

We had such a busy January that I didn’t expect February to arrive so soon.  I promised myself that in the winter we would get our indoor projects accomplished.  We had better get busy!

I was gone this weekend at a swim meet in Cincy.  One of the benefits to travelling for sports, is checking out the local shopping scene.

Cincy is home to IKEA and Ballard Design Outlet.  I heart both.

We started at Ballard Design.

Gabs Bday 036

I have hated disliked this light fixture since we looked at this house.  My Ballard Design catalog had been circled, starred and earmarked with what I loved. 

Gabs Bday 029

Look at all the options at the outlet.

Gabs Bday 030

I love this baby.  Just not for the space I need to fill.

Gabs Bday 031

Ballard Design Outlet was worth the trip.  They run weekly specials that can result in significant savings.

This week, lighting was 30% off the lowest price.  Rugs were 40% off.  Bar stools 60%!

We came home with a light, 2 rugs and some gift items.

I think I wore my daughter out because we went to Ikea and it was a total bust!  We ran through there stopping briefly but never long enough to pick up anything.  Avoid shopping IKEA on Saturday at all cost!

A brief stop at Pottery Barn/West Elm Outlet resulted in more eye candy but nothing made it in my car.

Gabs Bday 027Gabs Bday 028

Doesn’t she look thrilled?  That’s how I look at swim meets!

Here is the rug I purchased:

Antique Letter Indoor/Outdoor Rug

It’s in the kitchen.  I’m deciding if it will stay there.

Notice how I have quickly left the bathroom project (unfinished) and have started on the kitchen and dining area?  It’s a bad disease I have.  Lack of focus.

I have not been compensated in anyway from Ballard/Ikea/Pottery Barn.  If they would like to offer me something, I will gladly accept!!

I need to finish some projects this week!  Hope you are being productive!


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Janet- OPEN MARKET STYLE said...

Did not know Cincy has a Ballard outlet we have to take our daughter for a college visit to Cincy will have to check that out !!
Love the rug !!

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