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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

HomeGoods Treasures

Hi All,

We have a 4-day weekend, the kids are home again today.  Many folks took advantage of the break with a vacation.  I sat by the pool morning and night for three days, but I can assure you it was no vacation!

We had our regional swim meet on this long weekend.  It was all consuming and I managed to accomplish nothing.  Lucky for you all, I like to shop and I snapped a few pictures from my local HomeGoods.

store update 021

store update 020

I love when I see dressers in a color that I paint with.  It’s some sort of validation.  However, for $600 that baby better have dovetailed drawers and be real wood.  It was not.

Now, I love HomeGoods like everyone else.  But I usually draw the line at their wood furniture. I don’t buy it. 

As a general rule – I only buy real wood.  It has to be an amazing piece of furniture for me to buy a painted piece.  And I usually do not buy finished pieces – where is the fun in that?

store update 019

I did look at this table for a while.  But had to walk away.

no sew roman, bathroom 023

If you follow on FB, you saw that I posted this chair.  It promptly sold.  I am dying to know how/where the owner is using this focal piece.

I plan to enjoy my last day home with my girls and hope to share a project tomorrow.

Until then, enjoy the day!


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