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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Frame Your Mirrors

We have framed 4 mirrors in the last few years.  You would think we would have this down.  Somehow, each one has been done differently.  Perhaps our his attitude impacted our progress.

Every once in a while, when a project drags on, you get to the peak of frustration.  Nothing goes as planned and attitudes flare.

Last evening, Hubby and I were both trying to finish up in the girls bathroom.  I’m not gonna lie – bad words were being used, perhaps a little shove, maybe he flipped me off.

The bathroom is not big enough for the two of us!  I was the mature adult and quietly left the room, so he could do his part.

A frameless, builder-grade mirror was in the girls bathroom when we moved in.

no sew roman, bathroom 006

no sew roman, bathroom 007

no sew roman, bathroom 024

no sew roman, bathroom 025

I touched up the paint, but still need to wax the frame.  Almost done.

Materials Needed:

  • Door casings/Trim to fit the mirror (we purchased painted MDF)
  • Liquid Nails *there is a specific product for mirrors
  • Clamps
  • Miter Saw (to cut corners)


  • Cut the trim to fit the mirror
  • PAINT the trim at this point!  Front and back!
  • Glue and clamp over night
  • Hang the mirror and touch up the paint

This usually is a simple project, especially when you are getting along with your partner!  It makes a dramatic impact, especially in a small space.  No one has to live with sad, frameless mirrors.

We are making progress on the bathroom redo.  Hope to have a reveal after the weekend!



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Anonymous said...

This post made me laugh out loud!!! Some bad words and maybe a shove...hahahaha. Thanks for the giggles!
Angela. :)

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