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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A New Booth

Yesterday was the most dreary day we have had in a while.  It rained all day long.  Hard.

I got soaked.

It sucked.

Let me back up and start again...

On Monday I received a text from Polly @ Georgie Emerson Vintage;  
Be Prepared 
Along with this photo

I got busy!  I spent Monday finishing, gathering, pricing and loading.

I spent my Tuesday unloading all my heavy items, by myself in the pouring rain.  It was awful.  My stuff was so wet I had to wipe it down with my scarf!  I know, woa is me.

Let me share my latest items and my newly restyled booth.

You may remember this dresser.  I painted it more than once.  In fact, I painted most of it again and left the drawers shabby.  The colors are very fun! 

This bench with hooks is perfect inside a mudroom, hallway or garage.  It is only $90!

This little rocker is restyled in my latest color obsession.  Yellow!  I need spring!
The artwork is new and available at a fraction of the retail.  Loved the color next to the rocker.

These 6 glasses are only $12 for the set!  I wanted them but Hubby put them on my work bench - gentle hint that we have no more room for glasses!

The bench has been recovered in a fun yellow pattern.  The shabby table is on sale. 

Does anyone else see the beauty in the old carriage wheel?

The gas container is for sale, although I have had it for so long that I just love it for the color it brings to the booth!
Wasn't prepared to dress my man-on-a-stand, so there he is naked.

 The kissing angels are so sweet.  That is all the silver I have left.  I better restock.
How cute is this red shelving unit?  I am loving it!  It also allowed me to gather my Ironstone and other smalls into one spot.  Love it!

Have I mentioned the aqua table?  Perfect smaller size - dining area, kitchen, or even a desk.  I cannot believe I have never brought it into the booth!

I am happy to say that the booth is restocked and ready for shoppers!  Thank you to everyone who has been shopping at Vintage Restyled!  I so appreciate your business and support!

Stay dry-


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