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Friday, February 1, 2013

A Gem

Sometimes I get lucky and find an amazing gem.  Trust me, many times I strike out.

A few weeks ago my pal Kimm from Reinvented asked me if I had an old trunk.  She wanted one for her family room to store throws.

Unfortunately, at the time I did not but I tucked it away and was on the hunt.

This week, I spotted a beauty and snatched it up pronto.

Girls Bathroom 006

Girls Bathroom 007

Girls Bathroom 008

Girls Bathroom 009

It’s in pristine condition, has the wooden insert and both leather handles.

I would love to know where this trunk has traveled and what it carried.  Who its owner was and what his/her life was like…

Anyway, there are no returns when I shop, so I figured if Kimm didn’t scoop it I could place it in my space.

Sorry folks, as expected Kimm now has a place to store her blankets in style.

If you are looking for something, shoot me an email.  You never know what I may stumble upon.

I am packing my bags for another weekend away.  This time with child.  Before we go, I am heading to Heritage Square Antique Mall to restock and mark items on SALE.  I will share pictures on FB.

Have a great weekend!



Unknown said...

Thanks Shannon, you're the best! The trunk is PERFECT for my family room!

Anonymous said...

It's exactly like my dad's army trunk that I used for camp. I love it! xo-Ra

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