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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Cherished Bookcase

I recently shared a makeover for a client that involved a waterfall dresser, bed and night stand.  All the pieces were redone in black.

When the client picked up the completed pieces, she dropped off a bookcase.

Girls Bathroom 001

As she was leaving she told me that her grandfather made this in shop class back in school.  We discussed how it’s a lost art and that kids should learn some basic skills in HS.  Anyway, she then let me know how sentimental this bookcase was to her and her family.

No pressure.

I waited for a break in temperature and painted the bookcase black to match the set.  Light distressing on the front edges and she will be done.

Girls Bathroom 030

Bathroom Final 033

Bathroom Final 032

Bathroom Final 031

Hubby secured the backing, so it will last another 50+ years.

I know there is no big wow factor.  It just makes me happy to know that this bookcase will be treasured by the 4th generation of family members. 

Have a great Tuesday!



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