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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top 5 Posts for 2012

Happy New Year to All!

As we open the book for 2013, I am filled with excitement, renewed enthusiasm and optimism.  I usually start the year with lofty goals, accomplish a few and create new ones as I go along.

As I develop my goals for Vintage Restyled, I must look back at 2012.  It was fun to look at the projects I shared on my blog.  I have to admit, I forgot about many and am amazed at all that was accomplished this year – but that’s another post!

According to my stats, here are my top 5 posts for 2012.

5. Gentleman's Dresser

Craigslist scores 007

Tuttle final 016Tuttle final 018

4. Dresser to Media Console



We are still using this baby in our new house.

3. Restyling a Dining Room Table & Chairs

early march 011


I delivered this set the same day I posted this!

2. $40 Dining Room Makeover!



1. Amazing Tiger Dresser Redo!



This was #1 and honestly, it was number 1 for both Hubby and me!  We love this.  You’ll be surprised that we are selling it.  Yep, our house is smaller and it has been sitting in the barn.  It’s time to be enjoyed by someone else!  I will get measurements together, but if you’re interested just email me:

Thank you for following along on our adventures!  I appreciate you all more than you know!Happy New Year!


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Happy New Year Shannon! Let's get together for lunch sometime soon!

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