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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Slow Progress

If you were searching your inbox or spam folder for yesterday’s post, you have now realized that it didn’t appear.  It didn’t get written.  I had nothing to send.

After a weekend away, I struggled finding my groove on Monday morning.  I’m still out of sorts, but I’m here!

Last week, I got rid of the oak cabinets in the girls bathroom with homemade chalk paint.

store update 083

While I was away, Hubby did his part and painted the walls.  We went with a creamy white.  The same as we used in the kitchen and in my office.

bathroom 043

bathroom 038

It is so much brighter.  I cannot seem to capture the dramatic change due to the overcast, dark dreary day.

One of the reasons for the dark bathroom, is the lighting.

bathroom 041

These hang from the ceiling above the vanity.  The red casts a red/pink tint and certainly darkens the room.

bathroom 039

Then we have just a single light near the shower.

I would like to replace these, but it is out of my realm of abilities.  It will be placed on my wish list, when I finally hire an electrician.

Add the lighting to the oak cabinets, the dark hardwood floors and the sage green walls and you get a dark, dreary bathroom.  Thankfully the girls do not wear makeup.  They would look like clowns if they attempted to apply anything in this room.

I was hoping to be further along, but I seemed to have hit major indecision.  Details tomorrow.

Oh, before I sign off, I did visit Heritage Square Antique Mall yesterday.  Here are a few shots of my space.

bathroom 029bathroom 028

bathroom 024bathroom 010

I will be back tomorrow!


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RoseMary said...

Love It, Love It. Here we go again, I love the poster in the back that looks like a BEE, did you do that?

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