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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lifestyle Decisions

I have been toying with a life changing decision…opening my own little shop.

I strongly considered it back in the spring, but could not find a place that fit all my needs.  When we moved I pictured my small barn as a little shop.  After careful consideration I decided not to have a store next to my home.  I have a hard enough time separating the two as it is.

So when a darling location opened up right down the street from me, I jumped.  Hubby and I walked through it, I laid it out and my wheels started spinning.

cookie exchange 005

I could see lots of furniture displayed in vignettes throughout.  Hip jewelry would grace the surface areas and displays.  A room would be designated as a work space and could be closed off from shoppers.

My girls could walk from school.  They could help at the store.  And life would be grand.

Then someone would have a soccer tournament.

A swim meet.

Get sick.

A band concert.

A birthday party.

They would want dinner and perhaps clean clothing.

And then the summer would arrive.

We would want to hit the pool.  Spend weeks at the lake.

end of school 117

Most folks do their soul searching around the New Year.  I jump started mine and reflected on my business and the roles I play in other peoples lives.  They need attention from me and I want to be with them and attend their activities. 

I also identified my lifestyle and the way I operate.

I like to change my mind.  Maybe too much.  If I am in the mood to paint, then I do so.  If my home needs attention, I can be here.  I enjoy my flexibility and am not ready to give it up.

Why am I sharing this?

Having a store seems very glamorous.  It is also a logical step in the business process.  Many of you who have a booth or participate in shows, know there is not a lot of glamour - we do it because we love it.  And perhaps someone else is thinking a store is the goal.  For me it was more than the next step.  It was a complete lifestyle change-one I am not prepared to make.

My girlfriend Polly opened her shop – Georgie Emerson Vintage, and she does it with style and flair.  I think I will just support all the ladies that followed their dreams and took this path.

My plans for 2013 are set.  I will share soon.

Thanks for letting me share and thanks for stopping by!



sheerserendipity said...

Owning a shop does sound so glamorous, yet it is a lot work and time consuming. I feel the same way, I had wanted to have a store, but that would mean giving up lot ot the freedom to do what you need and want.
Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

So glad you followed your heart Shannon! Some day the timing will be right and you'll get your little storefront! It all happens as it is supposed to my friend!!

Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

Hi Shannon, you don't know me, but i follow your blog. I just wanted to affirm you in your decision. I TOTALLY understand the 'pull' and am so thankful you chose what is right for you and your family.

I too have refinish furniture and people ask all the time when we are going to open a store, it seems logical, like the next step, but we keep choosing the best for our family instead of the 'good' (idea). it is not always easy, especially when you see others following their dreams.

anyway, don't mean to ramble. I just delighted to hear how you came to your decision and trust the Lord will honor it.

Many blessings on you this coming year!!


Jamie said...

It does sound glamorous - but I'm sure it is also a lot of work and can take over life if you aren't careful. One of those things that require a lot of thought and planning.

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