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Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Hate Oak

I have never been a fan of oak cabinets.  This was established early on in my marriage.  When Hubby and I shopped for our first home nearly 18 years ago, I walked out of every home that had this feature.  It was non-negotiable.

We moved into our farm house 5 months ago.  I have a long list of house projects, and listed near the top is getting rid of the oak cabinets in the girls bathroom.

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There is a ton of storage in this large bathroom.  And a ton of oak.

A big issue in this bathroom, besides the oak, is the lighting.  It is extremely dark and houses some odd lighting.  My goal is to brighten the space up with paint.

The first step was to remove the hardware.

Next, I just whipped up some paint.

  • Latex paint – I used the gray we painted the house – Smoked Tan.
  • Non-Sanded Grout
  • Water

Since I am the lazy painter, I did not remove the doors or tape anything off.

store update 078store update 079

I did paint both sides of the doors.

store update 077store update 083

I would suggest moving the rug, but I used it to keep my butt comfy.

store update 033store update 084store update 085

store update 082

When you do not tape off, you simply paint the floor.  Keep a wet rag with you and all will be fine. 

The walls are a sage green.  This is where Hubby steps in.  Since I have jacked up my fair share of ceilings and floors when painting, I am no longer allowed to paint walls.  Hubby will tackle this.  The wall color will be white – remember we are trying to brighten the place up!

To finish the cabinets, I will apply clear wax.

It looks so much better already.  I even got the thumbs up from both girls and Hubby.

No more oak!



Christine Logsdon said...

I love it! What a difference paint makes.

Tara said...

So you don't sand or use a primer or anything? Just paint? :)

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