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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Black is Back

Black is back in a traditional way.  This waterfall set was Becki’s grandmothers.  It sat in the basement and was begging to be used.  She decided for her sons birthday in February that she would have all the furniture painted black.



Hubby filled some spots and fixed a drawer and then I prepared to paint.

Last weekend when the temperature hit 60+, I got busy.

custom Becki 020custom Becki 017

custom Becki 018custom Becki 019

Traditional (latex) black paint was used and then some distressing, followed by stain.

It was great to transform this set and know that it holds special meaning for Becki.  Now in a color that her son will enjoy, the set will come out of the basement and be used for years to come.


custom Becki 020

A few more pieces will join this set.  I will share soon!

Have a great week!


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Maureen said...

One of the girls at the shop mentioned that to me the other day. We sold two black dressers to two different people. Hmmmmmm.....

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