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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

And then there was Aqua

It’s no secret, I am an aqua lover.  So imagine my delight on Saturday when this appeared,

store 016

How beautiful is that?  I don’t think I can crack it.

Most people ask me about my chickens.  Not about paint, chickens!

Let me share some facts…

1. My white chickens lay white eggs

2. My other chickens, brownish and colorful lay green, aqua or blue eggs.

Chicks 007

3. It does not matter what I feed them.  This is the color the eggs will be.  So, I do feed them blueberries, but this did not affect the color.

4. Once the chickens begin to lay (at 4 months), they can lay an egg a day.  We have 1 that is doing so and 2 others that are getting close.  The eggs have gotten larger, as they continue to produce.

store 014

5. We feed the chickens regular chicken food, but I supplement big time!  They eat all our food – fruit, popcorn, veggies, egg shells and traditional treats of mealworms and oyster shells.

6. They are surviving these cold temps with a heat light, additional insulation and a heater water system.  I am told that the hot weather will pose a bigger issue.  We shall see.

7. Yes, we have named them.  No I will not eat them.

8. The shells are much thicker than the eggs that we buy at the grocery.  Other than that I can’t tell a big difference yet.

9. You do NOT wash eggs under water.

10. Lastly, we have 6 chickens and NO Rooster.  Therefore, we will never get any baby chicks.  No chicks, just eggs.

Hope this answers all the questions I have been asked.  Trust me, I am learning as I go.

store 015

And these darling ceramic egg holders are from Suz and her mom.  It was a pleasure having her mom visit from Tennessee.  She follows this blog and loves to paint and do projects, so we had a lot to chat about when she came over for a visit!

Thanks for letting me celebrate my latest egg discovery!



Anonymous said...

You could always poke a hole in the shell with a toothpick and blow the egg out of the shell in order to keep the shells... super pretty colors and darling chicks ;)

Anonymous said...

No need to color eggs for Easter! Beautiful! xo-Ra

Unknown said...

they're so pretty! no difference in taste? I don't think I've ever eaten a fresh egg! Interesting facts, thanks for sharing!!

Alison F said...

If you have an Americana, the blue egg would be from her! I have one Americana and a bunch of other kinds. The blue eggs are my favorite too!

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