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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cabinet Makeover Complete

I told you all that I just wasn’t feeling it with the girls bathroom.  Little decisions were becoming difficult and I wasn’t making the progress that I had anticipated.
So, I did what I had not planned to do.  I threw caution to the wind and went for it.
I changed the cabinets up…again.
In case you are just joining us, I am changing up the girls’ dark bathroom.
store update 032
Using my fave homemade chalk paint recipe, I mixed up some latex gray paint with non-sanded grout, added a bit of water and started painting.
Just to reiterate…NO SANDING, NO PRIMING.
store update 083
One coat was applied to both sides of the doors and all the cabinets.
At this stage, it was looking much better already.
store update 078bathroom 038
Hubby painted the walls a creamy white and suddenly the bathroom was brighter and so much lighter.
So what happened next, you ask?
Dark wax
Girls Bathroom 013
Girls Bathroom 016
Just to show the difference, the kick plate does not have dark wax.
Girls Bathroom 018Girls Bathroom 017
Girls Bathroom 025
Oh yeah people, I just went to town.  I gave those nasty oak cabinets the makeover they deserved and then took it to the next level with Annie Sloan’s dark wax.

Now the cabinets pop and look like furniture.  The girls even gave me praise!

I am hoping that this change gave me the kick start I needed to wrap this project up.
Oh yeah, before I sign off – thanks for the feedback on the shower curtains.  I found them at Home Goods and TJ Maxx.  All were less than $20 each.

Sharing lots on FB, would love for you to follow along!
I plan to share this makeover here:

Have a great day!  My baby is 11 today!  Woo-hoo, we are celebrating!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Paralyzed by Indecision

Please tell me you have been here before!  When you need to make a decision to proceed and cannot bring yourself to do so.  I realize I am not making a life or death choice, the outcome will not impact the world or even more than the 4-people that live in this house.

Then why can’t I pick one and move on?

bathmatts 001

Choice one

bathmatts 002

Option two

bathmatts 004

Last option

These are shower curtains, rugs and towels.  I really can’t go wrong with any of these options.  But, I’m just not feeling it.

My girls had a vote and of course chose 2 different ones.  Ugh!

If you have followed this blog at all, you know that I like to work a project and move on.  I cannot stay on any one thing for too long or I end up paralyzed. 

I am hoping something comes to me today, so we can wrap this baby up!

See updates on FB.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Slow Progress

If you were searching your inbox or spam folder for yesterday’s post, you have now realized that it didn’t appear.  It didn’t get written.  I had nothing to send.

After a weekend away, I struggled finding my groove on Monday morning.  I’m still out of sorts, but I’m here!

Last week, I got rid of the oak cabinets in the girls bathroom with homemade chalk paint.

store update 083

While I was away, Hubby did his part and painted the walls.  We went with a creamy white.  The same as we used in the kitchen and in my office.

bathroom 043

bathroom 038

It is so much brighter.  I cannot seem to capture the dramatic change due to the overcast, dark dreary day.

One of the reasons for the dark bathroom, is the lighting.

bathroom 041

These hang from the ceiling above the vanity.  The red casts a red/pink tint and certainly darkens the room.

bathroom 039

Then we have just a single light near the shower.

I would like to replace these, but it is out of my realm of abilities.  It will be placed on my wish list, when I finally hire an electrician.

Add the lighting to the oak cabinets, the dark hardwood floors and the sage green walls and you get a dark, dreary bathroom.  Thankfully the girls do not wear makeup.  They would look like clowns if they attempted to apply anything in this room.

I was hoping to be further along, but I seemed to have hit major indecision.  Details tomorrow.

Oh, before I sign off, I did visit Heritage Square Antique Mall yesterday.  Here are a few shots of my space.

bathroom 029bathroom 028

bathroom 024bathroom 010

I will be back tomorrow!


Friday, January 25, 2013

Bathroom Ideas

Happy Friday Y’all!

I am getting ready for my girls weekend!  It starts promptly at 6:00 pm.  Yeah!

Since I have been preparing for the weekend and the fact that it’s been 7 degrees, I have not been painting.  I cannot bring myself to spend time in the barn.  I even moved all my paint in the house, so it won’t freeze.

Since I am redoing the girls bathroom, I rook to Pinterest for some inspiration.  Here are a few of my faves:

Two shower curtains. Changes the whole feel of a bathroom.

I am loving the rug.


We have one oversized mirror.  I am liking the look of two.

Revamp Bathroom Mirror: Before & After -- And it doesn't involve cutting or removing the mirror!

If I do not find 2 mirrors, I may go with this.  I’ve done the framing, but I may try the shelf.


Of course I am drawn to the stripes.  Since I have them in my office, I do not think I will do it again in the bathroom.  I do love the rug.

I probably just need to focus and finish this bathroom.  The eye candy makes me rethink and change my mind.

I do know that it will not get done this weekend!  Because I am off for a relaxing, non-working, no kids gals weekend.


All the photos are on my Pinterest account


Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Hate Oak

I have never been a fan of oak cabinets.  This was established early on in my marriage.  When Hubby and I shopped for our first home nearly 18 years ago, I walked out of every home that had this feature.  It was non-negotiable.

We moved into our farm house 5 months ago.  I have a long list of house projects, and listed near the top is getting rid of the oak cabinets in the girls bathroom.

store update 032store update 033store update 034

There is a ton of storage in this large bathroom.  And a ton of oak.

A big issue in this bathroom, besides the oak, is the lighting.  It is extremely dark and houses some odd lighting.  My goal is to brighten the space up with paint.

The first step was to remove the hardware.

Next, I just whipped up some paint.

  • Latex paint – I used the gray we painted the house – Smoked Tan.
  • Non-Sanded Grout
  • Water

Since I am the lazy painter, I did not remove the doors or tape anything off.

store update 078store update 079

I did paint both sides of the doors.

store update 077store update 083

I would suggest moving the rug, but I used it to keep my butt comfy.

store update 033store update 084store update 085

store update 082

When you do not tape off, you simply paint the floor.  Keep a wet rag with you and all will be fine. 

The walls are a sage green.  This is where Hubby steps in.  Since I have jacked up my fair share of ceilings and floors when painting, I am no longer allowed to paint walls.  Hubby will tackle this.  The wall color will be white – remember we are trying to brighten the place up!

To finish the cabinets, I will apply clear wax.

It looks so much better already.  I even got the thumbs up from both girls and Hubby.

No more oak!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

And then there was Aqua

It’s no secret, I am an aqua lover.  So imagine my delight on Saturday when this appeared,

store 016

How beautiful is that?  I don’t think I can crack it.

Most people ask me about my chickens.  Not about paint, chickens!

Let me share some facts…

1. My white chickens lay white eggs

2. My other chickens, brownish and colorful lay green, aqua or blue eggs.

Chicks 007

3. It does not matter what I feed them.  This is the color the eggs will be.  So, I do feed them blueberries, but this did not affect the color.

4. Once the chickens begin to lay (at 4 months), they can lay an egg a day.  We have 1 that is doing so and 2 others that are getting close.  The eggs have gotten larger, as they continue to produce.

store 014

5. We feed the chickens regular chicken food, but I supplement big time!  They eat all our food – fruit, popcorn, veggies, egg shells and traditional treats of mealworms and oyster shells.

6. They are surviving these cold temps with a heat light, additional insulation and a heater water system.  I am told that the hot weather will pose a bigger issue.  We shall see.

7. Yes, we have named them.  No I will not eat them.

8. The shells are much thicker than the eggs that we buy at the grocery.  Other than that I can’t tell a big difference yet.

9. You do NOT wash eggs under water.

10. Lastly, we have 6 chickens and NO Rooster.  Therefore, we will never get any baby chicks.  No chicks, just eggs.

Hope this answers all the questions I have been asked.  Trust me, I am learning as I go.

store 015

And these darling ceramic egg holders are from Suz and her mom.  It was a pleasure having her mom visit from Tennessee.  She follows this blog and loves to paint and do projects, so we had a lot to chat about when she came over for a visit!

Thanks for letting me celebrate my latest egg discovery!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Black is Back

Black is back in a traditional way.  This waterfall set was Becki’s grandmothers.  It sat in the basement and was begging to be used.  She decided for her sons birthday in February that she would have all the furniture painted black.



Hubby filled some spots and fixed a drawer and then I prepared to paint.

Last weekend when the temperature hit 60+, I got busy.

custom Becki 020custom Becki 017

custom Becki 018custom Becki 019

Traditional (latex) black paint was used and then some distressing, followed by stain.

It was great to transform this set and know that it holds special meaning for Becki.  Now in a color that her son will enjoy, the set will come out of the basement and be used for years to come.


custom Becki 020

A few more pieces will join this set.  I will share soon!

Have a great week!


Friday, January 18, 2013

A Shopping Weekend

Yes, we made it to another weekend!  Thank goodness.  It has been a busy week and now a long weekend!  Perfect.

If you are heading out to shop the sales this weekend, I encourage the locals (Columbus, Ohio) to stop by Heritage Square Antique Mall for a little treasure hunting.  When I was there this week there were some deals to be had!

When I was sorting my recent pictures, I noticed I shared my table on FB but not on my blog.  It was a small restyle, because the table is such a beauty.

store update 016

A little Annie Sloan Pure White Chalk Paint and heavy distressing and the legs pop.  It is just a fabulous table.

When I spied this gem, I had hoped to use her in my kitchen as an island/prep area.  But as luck would have it, it did not work.  So she is dressed up and in my space at Heritage Square.

store update 017

store update 049

store update 054

store update 052

store update 057

Hope you find many treasures and score some deals this holiday weekend.  I plan to squeeze in some shopping between swim meets on Sat/Sun so I can finish off my latest project.  Check out FB for weekend updates!

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for popping by!

Heritage Square Antique Mall
1865 Channingway Center Dr
(Brice Rd and Livingston Ave)
Columbus, Ohio 43232 

Friday - Saturday 10-9****Sunday 12-6 ****Monday 10-6
Vintage Restyled is B-10!