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Friday, December 7, 2012

When Cookie Baking goes Wrong

Last evening was NAWNs Annual Cookie Exchange.  It is an event I look forward to all year.  In the past I have brought 7-layer bars.  I’m usually crazy busy and have taken the easy route.

This year, I decided to step it up a notch.  I found inspiration on Pinterest.

cookie exchange 010

I decided on these darling Santa Hats.

So what could go wrong?

cookie exchange 017

Yeah, not too appetizing.

I did the first batch in my mini muffin tin.  Of the 30 spots, I managed to get a dozen good ones.

My solution was to make two pans of brownies and use a round cookie cutter.

Since we moved, I can’t even guess where the cookie cutters are.

As you can see from the pictures, I tried to cut bite sized brownies.

They looked like crap.

cookie exchange 018

cookie exchange 020

Three dozen - done.

My plan to make buttercream frosting was also aborted.  The store bought icing was applied through a pastry bag.

Strawberries are not in season, so slim pickings.

Overall, not the best recipe for me!  But they sure are cute.

Hope your cookie experience goes better than mine!



Unknown said...

They are cute! So sorry it was such a situation! That sums up cooking in a nutshell for me. Not my forte!!

Unknown said...

So..what did you do with those"crappy" brownies?? ;). I bet they still tasted great and I coulda helped you out!

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