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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Traditions

The Holiday Season is filled with traditions.  One of ours revolved around our Christmas Tree.

Iphone Jan 2012 530

In our old home we had a two-story family room.  Every year we would cut down our Christmas tree, strap it to the top of my minivan and drive slowly home (20 miles).

Iphone Jan 2012 534Iphone Jan 2012 535

It took a lot of man power, tall ladders and a complete furniture rearrange to get the 20 foot tree in our home.

We loved it.  The house smelled amazing.

Over the years Hubby and I got smart.  We learned tricks to make life easier and we managed to get it down to a science.

Then we moved!

Our farmhouse has regular ceilings, therefore we settled for a normal sized Christmas tree.

Christmas start 043

They are getting bigger and the tree smaller.

Christmas start 050

No ladder needed.

Christmas start 052

Christmas start 059

We all struggled with this change in tradition.  We miss our big tree, but we are creating new traditions in our new home.  We are also continuing with many other Christmas Traditions.


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must love junk said...

Your tree looks gorgeous, and I LOVE how you've decorated your mantel!!

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