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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Going Red

A little over a year ago I transformed my girls playroom.

hall table and playroom 018

The white Ikea couch looked so crisp.

Many months later, the couch has been home to many kids, the dog, shoes, food and beverage, markers and the latest was hot cocoa.

We have scrubbed and bleached the covers but it just did not look good.


swim and red couch 006

Red slipcovers.

swim and red couch 007

Oh how I love the clean new look!

swim and red couch 009

It works perfect for the holidays!  I hope it’s more forgiving than the white.

I picked up the red slipcovers from Ikea in the discount department for $10.  Yes, $10!  I figured I could use it one day.  That day has arrived.


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Unknown said...

great idea! I am on an IKEA withdrawal right now! Must go soon!!

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