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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dreaded Project

I thought I would jump start my reoccurring New Year’s Resolution.  I would attack the dreaded pantry.

This darn area has been my nemesis since we moved in.  It hit an all time low when I went to set the table for Thanksgiving and could not find my linens, napkins, candle sticks, candles…

I swore I would find these items, and my china before Christmas.

Now before you look at the photos, remember DO NOT JUDGE!

Laura & Pantry 014

Upon opening the door

Laura & Pantry 015

Laura & Pantry 016

Around the corner

It got so bad that we just tossed things in the direction of the shelves!

Laura & Pantry 018

The back shelving

It was bad!

We pulled everything out.

Laura & Pantry 021

Laura & Pantry 020

The last, I hope, of the moving boxes.

And now…

Laura & Pantry 023

Laura & Pantry 024

I added two metal, display boards from Ikea.  This will get the stuff off my fridge.

Laura & Pantry 025

My first thought was to hit The Container Store and get cool organizing bins.  Hubby discouraged that approach and I am grateful.  Now I will see what I need and buy accordingly.  Trip to Ikea?

After we opened every box, sorted all the china, glassware, etc. I never found my linens.  Hmmm… We do not have a dining room, so we are trying to figure out what we will use and how to store accordingly.  

This brings us some peace in this chaotic season!


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Unknown said...

Trip to IKEA?!?!? UMMMMM, YES!!!! I would totally go with you!! I am on major IKEA withdrawal and my hubby would appreciate not having to go with me!!

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