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Monday, December 17, 2012

Deck the Halls

Last Thursday NAWN hosted its annual board breakfast.  This was my last event as a board member.  It’s hard to believe.  Without getting sentimental about the last 7 years, I know you would love to see the house where the event took place!!

Laura is one of those gals that has it all together.  Down to the last detail.  This applies to her home as well as her life.

Laura & Pantry 002

Laura & Pantry 003

Laura & Pantry 006

Laura & Pantry 005

She covered every detail!  It was a nice time in a lovely home. 

It’s so nice to relax with friends.  Hope I can get my house in order to allow guests!

Cheers to a great week – finishing your shopping, planning, wrapping and decorating!


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